Traderush – Binary Broker Review

TradeRush offers an impressive platform for digital options trading. Binary options are divided into stocks, currencies, commodities and indices – all neatly tabbed to separate screens. Options trading is available in a variety of global companies for over 150 total assets.

Impressively, the site’s security prompts you – upon first arrival – to enter text into a text box to ascertain that you’re not a bot. The security of the site itself is certainly not in question if they are performing this query before you’ve even been asked to register, sign up or to make a deposit in order to start options trading.

Trading is also available through a range of currencies, all of them quite stable. The big name currencies, such as the pound sterling, the euro and the dollar, can be found alongside the New Zealand dollar and the South African rand. One helpful tip is to trade in currencies with which you’re familiar. If you’re from the Antipodes, then you might be more familiar with a trade on Australian and New Zealand currencies. But a European or American trader might be happy enough with trading in the EUR/USD options. The value of the education in binary options you can get from TradeRush is great too. There are many educational elements to the binary options platform which all traders can take advantage of.

If you want to attend a live webinar to learn a thing or two about finance, look no further than TradeRush. The educational aspects of this great platform make it a good investment as far as binary options trading platforms go. Options trading is made both enjoyable and interesting through these live webinars – you might actually feel a little inspired, if not at least encouraged, to be more active in your trades and perhaps increase the number, frequency or complexity of the trades you make. Accumulative trades in the binary options world are often more high risk and high reward than standard put and call trades, but you may be encouraged to show a little more sophistication in your trading strategies.

The TradeRush binary options app is also available, meaning that you can trade on your phone through a non-browser based application. The options trading platform is reliable and simple. This is great for quick one minute trades if you want to do them while on the go from A to B. A few one minute binary options transactions on the bus or the train can while away the tedium of your daily commute! This broker is highly recommended to traders of all experience levels.

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