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OptionFair stands out as a solid binary options trading platform with some unique and innovative features that distinguish it from other such platforms.  The optionFair platform is suitable for both the novice starter and the experienced investor.  One of the most attractive incentives for opening account with optionFair is their signing bonus of up to 30% of your starting investment.  The maximum value for receiving the 30% cash bonus is $5,000.  The bonus becomes redeemable (for withdrawal) upon reaching a total trading value of 4x the value of the initial investment plus the bonus.

General Information:optionfair sep11 offer

Base of Operation: Swatar, Malta

Headquarters: British Virgin Islands

Release Date: 2010

Minimum Deposit: 200$ for first deposit and min.10$ after that.

Maximum per Option: $1000

Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Italian, Romanian.

Trading Platform:

The optionFair platform is completely web-based; this means no software download is required to trade.  The platform provides a very pleasant user experience.

 optionFair Trade Platform

They offer three types of accounts to start: the standard account, the gold account, and the platinum account.  The standard account is tailored for beginners.  The gold account grants additional returns on each option.  The platinum account is specially designed for more experienced traders to take full advantage of all the binary options market has to offer.


OptionFair has three major features: High/Low, One Touch, and Boundary.  The High/Low type of binary options trading is speculation as to whether the value of a given asset will go up or down from now until a predetermined time period.  One Touch is a type of options trading in which you speculate as to whether or not the value of an asset will reach (“touch”) a specific amount.  Boundary trading is speculation regarding the high and low values of a given asset over a period of time; you call if the asset’s value will remain within the boundary or deviate.

 optionFair One Touch display

The assets traded on optionFair include 9 currency pairs, 7 stocks, 6 indices, and 2 commodities.

Customer Service:

OptionFair has a very strong customer support team.  They are available by phone with numerous international phone numbers, via live chat, and via e-mail.  We found the customer support team to be readily available, knowledgeable, and friendly.

 Customer service live chat window


The optionFair platform is very intuitive.  It includes drop-down menus that are cleverly designed and easy to use.  There are clear graphs that display the current status of trades and open options.  The icons and fonts are easy to read and manage.

Additionally, optionFair has a well-written FAQ section, some brief tutorial pages, and a helpful glossary section.  The Trader Resources page also includes an asset index, an explanation of expiry calculations, an explanation of early closure, and a comprehensive banking page.


OptionFair is a very well made binary options trading platform.  If combines the ease of use required for beginner trading together with the trading capabilities required for advanced traders.  It is easy to use, well designed, and inclusive.

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