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Today’s global investment markets provide ample opportunities for making profits. One of these fast growing and promising investment channels is the field of binary options. is one of the world’s top binary options online trading platforms that offers an unparalleled powerful multifold trading interface.

General Information:


Base of Operation: Gibraltar, UK


Original Release: 2013


Minimum deposit: $250


Maximum per Option: $5000


Languages: English, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.


 Special sign-up bonus: Contact your account manager for details


The Highlights of the Multifold FMTrader’s Trading Interface trading interface enables online traders easy and convenient access to a variety of profitable binary options investments tracks which consist of the following:

High/low trading

High/low trading requires the trader to assess whether the forthcoming future price will be higher or lower than current price level. Correct assessment entitles the trader to 65%-95% profits.

Touch/no-touch trading

This form of trading enables the trader to invest according to specific directional market revaluations. That is, a minimum or maximum value is determined prior to the beginning of the trade. If market price reaches that value before the option expires, the investor will be in the money and reap enormous profits of up to 500%.

The 60 seconds trade

This is the most exotic and exciting channel of investment the trading platform offers traders. Those who have no patience for long trade sessions and aspire to immensely rapid profits marked by the rush of adrenaline befitting constantly and quickly changing markets will benefit from options which expires within 30, 60 or 120 seconds. All traders need in order to be in the money and make large profits is the smallest change in the asset price that will fit the desired direction.

FMTrader trading interface allows the trader multiple investment channels from which he can choose the alternative that fits him best according to his skills, experience and personal preferences. is built to enhance user experience by offering convenient and easy to use online trading tools, especially a highly efficient account-viewing page that will exhibit all active and expired options, a full record of past activities and other useful features.

No need to download anything. Everything can be accessed using the website’s built-in features.

Users’ security is of the outmost importance. All pages include an SSL inscription. Moreover, each withdrawal action must be preceded by proper documentation to authenticate and validate the user’s identity so as to avert fraud.

Translate knowledge into Profit

We believe that a solid knowledge base is a prerequisite for making profit. Accordingly, the FMTrader trade platform is constantly fed with information that presents current market trends and updated financial data to help our investors navigate safely in the stormy waters of global markets. Our information sources include accurate data streams from Thomson Reuters (our data provider), breaking financial news and daily and weekly market reviews written by our top analysts. In addition, we offer our registered members a training academy with free video courses, e-books and VOD

Utilizing our information sources properly will definitely help new traders become familiar with the various global and domestic markets and enable them to trade on equal footing with more experienced traders.

Versatile Trading Possibilities

Traders who have wisely chosen to use platform enjoy a great variety of tradable assets that encompass a long list of

  • commodities (e.g. oil and gold)
  • leading international indices (e.g. Dow Jones, Nasdaq & FTSE-100)
  • currencies (e.g. USD, EUR, GBP, JPY)
  • stocks (e.g. Apple Inc.)

Excellent Customer Service and Site Usability has a 24/7 customer service available in English, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Arabic via chat, e-mail, and phone.

The Signing up process is very simple. The website is easy to use as it includes FAQs, simple explanation on how to trade and a glossary to help new traders learn the necessary terminology used in the various market.

We take great pride in our specialized option builder which enables traders to customize their option and help them devise an optimal trading strategy in order to easily and efficiently control their investment and their option’s expiry time and thus minimize risk and maximize profit.


In a Nut Shell – Why Traders Should Opt for FMTrader

With a multifold efficient and user-friendly trading interface, with numerous features to facilitate smooth trading and with high profit prospects of up to 90% return on investment, FMTraders will appeal to new as well as veteran traders.



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