Daily Binary Options Market Setup 28 Nov 2012

Binary options trading covers more than a few market fields including: forex, gold price, oil and major stock(Facebook, Apple, Oracle, etc.). Today’s main assets are: EUR/USD, AUD/USD, Gold and Nike.

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November 28th main market events:

Daily stock to trade-

Nike Inc. (NKE): Current(Nov.27, 12) 97.53. 97.73 or higher, CALL on NKE. 97.63 or lower, PUT on NKE. Trading Nike is available on 24option



Forex Binary Options-

  1. European M3 Money Supply: Wednesday, 09:00. Exp. 2.8%. 3.0% or higher, CALL EUR/USD. 2.6% or lower, PUT EUR/USD.
  2. Japanese Retail Sales: Wednesday, 23:50. Exp. -0.7%. 0.6%  or higher, PUT USD/JPY. -0.9% or lower, CALL USD/JPY.
  3. Australian Private Capital Expenditure: Thursday, 00:30. Exp. 2.1%. 3.7% or higher, CALL AUD/USD. 1.8%% or lower, PUT AUD/USD.


Gold Binary Options-

  1. U.S. New Home Sales: Wednesday, 15:00. Exp. 387K. 393K  or more, PUT on Gold. 382K or less, CALL on Gold. Gold binary options can be traded on 24option.


Technical Analysis for GBP/JPY (Dragon)-

  • Current range: 119.77 to 133.48
  • Further levels in both directions: Below, for PUT Options: 129.61, 124.93, 120.83 and 119.77
  • Above, for CALL options: 131.81, 132.65  and 133.48.
  • Very important support, at 132.65. no too far away.
  • Very important resistance is at 124.93, doesn’t appear to be close by.
  • Chart is on a 1 day scale.
  • Trading the GBP/JPY is available on ZoneOptions.com


Full Disclosure: BOCrunch is affiliated with 24optionZoneOptions.com and anyoption.
These expected market reactions and setups are general market commentary. This is by no means any type of investment advice.
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