Binary options reading for the Weekend Nov 25th 2011

Just as the week’s calendar is about to end, and there wasn’t a lot of news today(Friday), we gathered a few articles that could have some added value for Binary traders in the long run.

Forex Crunch – Trade Responsibly: Yohay at Forex Crunch released this week his 4th chapter of the ‘Trade Responsibly’ e-book. This chapter is about the benefits of trading with a registered broker. From the Chapter 4: “Regulation is needed to ensure your rights as a trader. This starts from proper disclaimers, something you may dismiss, providing some protection against having the broker take the opposite position against you in a way that harms you..”. Through the post you can signup and download the full version of the e-book.


Gold – Is It Still Considered a Safe Haven Investment? Lior at TradingNRG covers gold prices and the correlation to market news and events such as the U.S. Treasuries, stock market and S&P500 Index. From the post:” August and September the correlations between the daily percent changes of gold price andS&P500 index were negative as you would expect for substitute investments, but during October and November their relation shifted to become positive.”.

Commodity Blog – Gold and Oil Outlook: Bart Melek, Head of Commodity Strategy, TD Securities, talks on crude oil, natural gas and gold and their short/medium term  forecast.


The euro zone – Is it really the end?  From ‘The Economist’ print edition point of view, The future of the euro currency is in the hands of Germany and the ECB.



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