Binary Options Daily Setup – September 21st 2011

Today’s trading opportunities include events from the New-Zealand, U.K., Canada and the U.S. that are the highlights of today’s binary options setups. Five events today that can provide excellent trading opportunities. Pay attention to the U.K. Public Sector Net Borrowing at 08:30GMT, brings trading opportunity on the GBP/USD and the GBP/JPY.

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Let’s review the events. All times are GMT.

  1. U.K. Public Sector Net Borrowing: Published on Wednesday at 08:30 GMT. The market expects a score of 11.3B. If the outcome is 12.0B or more, PUT GBP/USD. If the result is 7.7B or less, CALL option on GBP/USD.
  2. Canadian Core CPI: Wednesday, 11:00. Exp. 0.1%. 0.3% or higher, PUT USD/CAD. -0.4% or lower, CALL USD/CAD.
  3. U.S. Existing Home Sales: Wednesday, 14:00. Exp. 4.78M. 4.84M, or more, CALL USD/JPY. 4.61M or less, PUT USD/JPY.
  4. New Zealand GDP: Wednesday, 22:45. Exp. 0.5%. 0.9%, or higher, CALL NZD/USD. 0.2% or less, PUT NZD/USD.


These expected market reactions and setups are general market commentary. This is by no means any type of investment advice.

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Quick explanations:

  • CALL options – if the price closes at a higher level than the price you purchased at expiry time, you make 85%. If it closes below, you’re left with 10%.
  • PUT options – if the price closes under the price you purchased at expiry time, you make 85%. If it closes above, you’re left with 10%.

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The data for these news events has been analyzed given previous releases and reactions, current market conditions and more. Significant surprises to market consensus, as given by surveys of economists, normally trigger sharp market reactions that proceed for a long period of time. When some events collide with each other, they can offset each other. So, these events aren’t in the list.

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