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With the increasing popularity of binary options trading, Anyoption is an excellent platform for this trending type of trading.  The uniqueness of Anyoption is that even if you incorrectly predict the outcome of a given financial movement, you’ll always retain at least 15% of your initial investment.

General Information:

Base of Operation: Nicosia, Cyprus

Original Release: 2009

Minimum Deposit: $100

Maximum per Option: $3000

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Arabic, and Turkish.

Trading Platform:

The Anyoption platform is an entirely web-based platform.  It does not require any software download.  Anyoption’s motto is “anyone can trade.”  This motto clearly stood before the eyes of the interface designers.  The interface is simple, user-friendly, and easy to use for anyone wanting to do binary options trading.

Anyoption interactive Trading Demo

Anyoption has a very comprehensive accounts-viewing page.  The page clearly displays all the open options, the closed options, history, and more.


The most noteworthy feature Anyoption offers is the 15% payback.  This very significantly minimizes the risk of any trade.  Being that the returns can be as high as 65-71%, the risk to return ratio is excellent.

Another exciting feature offered by Anyoption is weekend One Touch Options.  This is a weekend to weekend (week-long) option with potential for very high returns of up to 380%.  If the index reaches a predetermined value by the end of the week, the option pays off handsomely, but if it does not hit that value, the money is lost.

Sampling of Anyoption One Touch trades

Anyoption’s platform is very secure.  All the relevant pages have proper SSL inscription, and before one withdraws money, he/she must provide authorized documentation preventing fraud.

The tradable assets on the site are varied.  They include 26 indices, 19 stocks, 12 currency pairs, and 4 commodities.  This provides a broad base for diversified investment and trade on a global scale.

A very unique feature offered by Anyoption is the Take Profit feature.  This allows, in exchange for a surcharge, the customer can receive return on the option prior to its expiry date.  The reverse feature, Roll Forward, is also offered for a premium.  Another nice feature offered by Anyoption is called Profit Line.  This allows the trader to watch the total investments profits ascend in real time.

Anyoption offers SMS service for purchases of at least 100 USD; this keeps investors informed in real time.  Similarly, but just for kicks, Anyoption has a show-off wall where investors can post impressive profits they made that day.

Anyoption’s Mobile Platform

Customer Service:

Anyoption has a customer service team that operates from Monday to Friday 7:00AM to 9:00PM (GMT) via phone, e-mail, and chat.  They provide nine different international numbers so that customers don’t have to make a long-distance call to reach them.  Additionally, they offer call back service in which one can request to be contacted at a later time.  From our experience, their response time is quite good; their team is well informed, and pleasant to deal with.


The first step is registration – registration with Anyoption is a simple straightforward process.  There is clear on-site demonstration for how to do it.  Their website is very clear and easy to use including a good FAQ page.  The site also includes a guide about binary options investing in general; it explains how it works and how to best use it to your financial advantage.


With a simple interface and a low minimum deposit or trade amount, Anyoption is great for beginners; that said, more advanced traders will enjoy its high maximum limit and unique trading features.

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